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Bangladesh Angels is the nation’s first angel investment network. With an aim to the be the country’s largest investor network, we are on a mission to democratize angel investing by making it easier and hassle-free to investors from different backgrounds.

Become an angel

Would you like to invest a small amount of your capital to make a big impact on the ground? Would you like to directly support and mentor the new-age entrepreneurs alongside your funding? Would you like to meet & co-invest with like-minded investors across the globe?Are you a sector expert that can lend your knowledge to enrich our deal selection process?

Bangladesh Angels invests between Taka 80 Lakhs to 5 Crores in early stage companies. To learn more about what we look for in a company & our shortlisting process, please refer here.



We bring you access to the hottest, high quality curated startup deals in the country (pre-screened & shortlisted)


Invest alongside the country’s leading entrepreneurs, business leaders & investors


Improved deal terms due to investing collectively with sector experts taking the lead


We manage the entire deal execution process for you including due diligence


Access to high quality events for networking as well as educational workshops


We also manage your portfolio with regular monitoring and reporting


Our tried and tested selection process ensures you have the best deals presented to you.

  1. Step 1: Showcase Event 

    A startup showcase event will be held every 6-12 weeks (depending on the deal flow) where the shortlisted companies will pitch to the investors with a 20-minute presentation, followed by Q&A

  2. Step 2: Expression of Interest

    All members present will discuss each investment including their concerns. Interested angels may form a sub-group for each company

  3. Step 3: Nominate a lead

    Each subgroup will then nominate a lead who will lead all discussions on deal valuation, structure and closure with the entrepreneur – the network team & the lead investor will be the sole point of contact for the entrepreneur

  4. Step 4: Decision to invest

    Each subgroup member will then make a decision if they would like to invest in the given opportunity

  5. Step 5: Deal execution & Board Seat

    The network team will then work on executing the deal including due diligence. Once the investment decision has been made, the subgroup of investors will decide on who among them will represent the group on the board of the company – depending on their ability to mentor and guide the company and/or their sector expertise. Such a board member may receive stock options in the company by the entrepreneur.

  6. Step 6: Post investment monitoring support

    The network will regularly monitor the progress of the portfolio companies and send the reports to the subgroup of investors. All members present will discuss each investment


Bangladesh Angels is the first organized Angel Investing Network in Bangladesh, which will connect interested investors to promising startups. The Network will support startups in pitching, curate startups for showcasing to investors and provide support to complete the investment transactions, including due diligence and documentation.
All individuals and institutions who have an interest in investing in early stage ventures should join the Network. As a member of the Network, you will have access to curated startups and an ability to invest and mentor them. The Network will comprise seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, institutional investors including venture capital funds and corporates, non-resident Bangladeshis interested in investing in the country and foreign institutions and investors who have an interest in investing in the Bangladeshi entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Investors can

(a) indicate their desire to become a Member of the Network through the website [] or by writing to

(b) get referred by an existing member of Bangladesh Angels

The Bangladesh Angels team will follow up with you to assess your interest, respond to your queries and approve your credentials before on-boarding you to the Network.
Bangladesh Angels will conduct its own verification of credentials and identity before onboarding any Investor to the Network. We will seek your personal information (CV, designation, photo, contact details), investment preferences, sectors of expertise and your current portfolio.
While no minimum investment commitment is sought from members, as a broad guideline, it is expected that members will invest in the region of Taka 10 lakhs per annum and more. You need to be aware of the risks involved with the investment commitment. It is suggested that you create a portfolio of investments over a period to diversify risks and maximize the potential return from the portfolio.
In addition to showcasing startups on a regular basis, the network will conduct investor training seminars to help develop understanding of deals, the start-up landscape, investment strategy, deal evaluation, etc. The best way to learn, however, is to jump in and make investments. Investing through the Network will help you pool your financial, intellectual and social capital together.

The first allows you to lower your potential risk. The second and third allows for a greater chance of the companies’ success and eventual exit. The network will also curate the best possible deals based on business barometers and terms to further minimize your risk. Other ways are to spread your investable assets in start-ups across several ones, rather than making single bets, and to spend time with these start-up founders and mentor them.
The Network will charge an annual membership fee to pay for running of its operations. During the first year, the Members will be charged a discounted fee.
We look for promising start-ups that are working to solve a clearly articulated problem for a large target market, with a strong and balanced team, that has or is working to develop a differentiated product or service with a clear competitive advantage. The Network will target investments in the range of Taka 80 Lakhs to 5 Crores to each business.

Entrepreneurs will be selected from those that reach out to Bangladesh Angels or who are referred by the Members or other partners of the Network. Bangladesh Angels will seek to partner with all active ecosystem players including incubators, accelerators, venture funds and other global angel networks.

The Network team will conduct an initial screening of the startups based on internal business barometers. It will conduct a deep dive assessment on a short-list of startups and present the pitches to the Network’s board and advisory committees, consisting of a panel of experienced angel investors. Selected startups will be invited to pitch to the Members in showcases, expected to be conducted every 2-3 months, depending on deal-flow.
Each Member will be free to make his / her own investment decision on any opportunity. Members will discuss each investment opportunity at/after the showcases and seek additional information, if required. Bangladesh Angels will then seek in-principle commitments from interested Investors, subject to completion of due diligence and documentation. Interested group of Members may nominate a ‘Lead’ member to lead discussions on valuation and transaction structure with the entrepreneur. A term-sheet will be executed between the Investors and the company on finalization of the terms.
Bangladesh Angels will liaise with both entrepreneur and the Lead Member / investing Members to help finalize the terms of the transaction. The Network team will thereafter support in coordinating the due diligence activities, structuring and legal documentation.

Bangladesh Angels will provide standard documentation templates including term-sheets as SHAs. The Network proposes to work with preferred accounting and legal firm partners for the transactions.
No, the investments by Members will be done directly into the startups. Syndicate/group of Members, who want to pool in their capital for investment, may do so through entities they organize.
Network members are encouraged to contribute to the startups they invest in through their time, networks and guidance. The investing members may identify who is best qualified and placed to mentor and guide the company on strategy / operations. Such Member would typically be chosen to represent the Network Members in the board of the Company.